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The closure stems from the incoming of ilani Casino Resort on the other side of the highway next to La Center, which is set to open later this spring.

At a cost of $510 million, the 368,000-square-foot ilani development has been a threat to La Center’s vastly smaller cardroom businesses. For the New Phoenix, the anticipation of a tough battle with ilani when it opens isn’t why the decision to close was made.

According to John Bockmier, spokesman for the New Phoenix, the labor pool was drying up.

Too many employees had left them for ilani to keep operations running.

In addition to the New Phoenix, Teeny also owns another of La Center’s cardrooms, The Last Frontier Casino, which will remain open.

When ilani opens Bockmier said the goal is “absolutely” to keep challenging it for business.

According to Bockmier, the business will try to do its best to keep employees from the New Phoenix employed over at The Last Frontier Casino.

As of right now he said there are no plans about what to do with the empty New Phoenix building.

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