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Bubbles because it means more M&A, IPOs, dead offerings, stock issuance and other deals from which they derive their revenues.

So for Wall Street CEOs to openly start warning that the market is in a bubble…

They have to be really REALLY nervous about what they’re seeing…

And know that a stock market crash is coming On that note this week, not one but TWO major bank CEOs warned about the markets.

First was Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan with the following nugget: ,” Cryan said, adding that the interest-rate policy has been partly responsible for the decline in earnings at European banks.

“I welcome the recent announcement by the Federal Reserve and now also from the ECB that they intend to gradually bring their loose monetary policy to an end.” Source: Bloomberg. But then we have Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs stating the following during the same week: ,” the Goldman Sachs chief executive said during an interview Wednesday that was broadcast at a European banking conference in Germany and on the internet.

Source: CNBC So we have not one, but TWO Wall Street CEOs warning that the market is in a bubble.

And we all know how those end: in a stock market crash./ This is truly staggering.

And it indicates that those at the top of the financial system are actively preparing for what’s coming. And smart investors will use it to make literal fortunes.

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