игры бесплатные домино

Play FIVES, BLOCK, and DRAW multiplayer dominoes with your friends!

Join over one millionpeople who have downloaded Domino! is super addictive, fast-paced, multiplayer dominoes done right for i OS!

This easy to learn but impossible to master strategy game is beautifully designed and endlesslyentertaining!

Play opponents at your own pace or see who's online right now for even faster gameplay. Play your Facebook friends, contacts, or even randompeople across the globe! In-game chat lets you tellyour opponent who's really the best.

Find yourself bored with other, slower multiplayer games on the App Store? Download today for free and join the community of Domino! Features: • Insanely addictive• Extremely fast game play• Most popular styles of Dominoes • Easy to learn, impossible to master - it’s always fun!

• Familiar, intuitive user interface • Turn-based or real-time play - play whole games at once or at your own pace• Play an unlimited number of games at the same time• See who’s online now for even faster action EDIT* the app seems to pick and choose when you and your opponent will be playing "partners".

This would be awesome if this was a four player app. Domino allows me to enjoy remote play with my father and brother, and occasionally other family, with whom I would otherwise rarely be able to play in person.

But it's not, so it's bad to have 4 or even 5 of a set, and then the computer gives my opponent the other 2 or 3 because it keeps you from running the table. I've had the same hand before 3x in row I think players can still cheat. Don't think we can't tell ;-)Guess player (most aren't very good but)wins should not count against players who purchased the game. Sooner or later a competitor will and you'll loose customers (I am willing to spend IF it's worth it) On a positive note.... I appreciate the ability to play the ad supported free app, though the ad selection is quite limited to cross selling other games.

It happens so often I don't even play like I got an advantage anymore. Add search options for the match history If you win you should start the next round Why are doubles forced to open other then the beginning? Broader ad categories would make the delay between plays more interesting to players like me who aren't interested in gaming per se, but in the family connection this particular games gives me.

Another thing, the app goes through spells of giving you the most horrible hand for games in a row. Now it actually undoes a move and you have to make the move again unless you moved to quickly and the undone move is replaced. The list can go on but I digress You guys have great product here.

I'll play 2-3 games at once and it seems like I have the exact same hands for all the games. I will start taking pics of everything if it keeps happening.

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